Off site director/ Per diem coverage

1. Offsite Lab Director:

As an off site laboratory director CLIA complient, we are responsible for the overall operation and administration of the laboratory, including the employment of competent qualified personnel. Even though you have the option to delegate some responsibilities, we remain ultimately responsible and must ensure that all the duties are properly performed and applicable CLIA regulations are met. We hold the responsibility to ensure that your laboratory develops and uses a quality system approach to laboratory testing that provides accurate and reliable patient test results. 

In the quality system approach, the laboratory focuses on comprehensive and coordinated efforts to achieve accurate, reliable, and timely testing services. The quality system approach includes all of your laboratory’s policies, processes, procedures, and resources needed to achieve consistent, high quality testing services. Integral to the quality system approach is quality assessment. 

2. Per diem coverage: 

We provide senior level and TS certified level embryologists  that work in the most efficient and safe manner, while complying with your protocols, federal and local regulations.